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Preparation of trial reports with full explanations for presentation in court or certificates of value as per your instruction.

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We prepare an annual publication of financial and statistical information relevant to the assessment of damages for personal injury or death.

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Medical Negligence Instalment Payments

In MEC, Health and Social Development, Gauteng v DZ [2017] ZACC 37 it was argued that payment of medical and attendant services by Government should, under common law, be by way of instalments. The CC ruled in favour of lump sum settlements. The real cause of numerous damages claims is inadequate management and staffing of public medical services. The general mismanagement of public funds is a matter of national concern. Damages claims would be less if management and staffing were better. To tackle damages claims is to treat a symptom, not the disease. It is an attempt to take attention away from how badly the hospitals are being managed. This is a political problem. Sadly it is the taxpayer who must meet the cost of the bungling. Tito Mboweni is on record for saying that we do not need NHI. All we need is to better administer the existing system. The SA Law Reform Commission is addressing the issue and on 11 November 2021 issued a discussion paper 154 for project 141.

These lump-sum awards are often R15 million or more and are usually placed into trust for the benefit of the child. The fund is calculated using a life expectancy that assumes optimal care. In the event of early death the money remaining in the trust will go to the parents of the child. There is a report https://www.sentinelinternational.co.za/2021/07/21/grandchildren-inheriting-from-grandchildren-2/ of a wayward father being denied paternity rights and the money going to the mother and grandmother of the child.

Vital Statistics

CAP determination 31 July 2021 R307 074
CPI year-on-year to October 2021:   5,0%
RSA long bond yield November 2021:   8,0%
Real rate of return (8,0 less 5,0):  3,0%
FNB Property Index September 2021 (y/y real): -2,4%

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Quantum Yearbook

Quantum Yearbook

The Quantum Yearbook is a publication of financial and statistical information relevant to the assessment of damages for personal injury or death.  It includes tables of general damages awards updated for inflation to 2020.

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