NEWS101 1912

Vital statistics; Tertiary education; Cost of extra employee; Whole person impairment; Contractual support; Life insurance benefits; Curators for children.

NEWS100 1906

Vital statistics; Real Rate of Return; Retirement Funding; Domestic Workers; Real Increases in Earnings; Job Grades;STATSSA Earnings vs Corporate Survey; Deduction of State Grant

NEWS99 1812

Vital statistics; Even linear real increases; Message for the Juta editors of Corbett & Honey (The Quantum of Damages in Bodily and Fatal Injury cases); STATSSA earnings data; Prescription holiday:

NEWS98 1806

Vital statistics; QYB STATSSA earnings; Pension contributions; Industrial psychologists joint minute derelictions; "Possible" misunderstandings; The lump-sum rule prevails for non-RAF matters; Industrial Psychologist QYB omission.

NEWS97 1712

Vital statistics; Remarriage contingency; Real increases in earnings; Constitutional damages; Costs of domestic assistant by instalments for RAF matters; Quantum Yearbook 2017 corrigenda.

NEWS96 1706

Vital statistics;  Expenses paid by RAF undertaking; The earnings data board; Government budgeting guidelines.

NEWS95 1612

Vital statistics;  The “Sweatman” CAP;  The “Marikana” wage settlement;  Intestate minimum for a widow;  Death, divorce and remarriage;  Support by tacit agreement;  Dating of expert reports.

NEWS94 1606

Vital statistics; CAP apportionment;  Attendant and househelp expenses;  Costs of curator bonis;  Retirement age for teachers;  Beware the unmarried widow;  Support from a State grant.

NEWS93 1512

Vital statistics; Medical expenses net capitalisation rate; Division of matrimonial assets subject to accrual; “Gratuitous” payments of support;
Deduction for inheritance of bond debt;  Mora interest.

NEWS92 1506

Vital statistics; Koch Consulting Actuaries cc; Road Accident Fund “CAP”; State welfare benefits for children;
Dippenaar v Shield revisited.

NEWS91 1412

Prescribed rate of interest; Foster care grants are now deductible; Civil service salary increases; CPI/CPIX confusion,Accrual benefits; Deduction of investment interest.

NEWS90 1406

Vital statistics; Damages for loss of support; Wrongful entry; Illegal earnings; Wrongful arrest; AIDS/HIV mortality; Unemployed claimants; Retirement ages; Fringe benefits.

NEWS89 1312

Vital statistics, Trust losses after injury, Consent to a second wife, Apportionment of death claims, Accrual benefits in estate, Application of the R160000 CAP, Large awards for general damages, Loss of support

NEWS88 1306

Vital statistics, Absconded webmaster, Reinforcements, AIDS mortality, The R160000 CAP, Misdirected Industrial Psychologists, Claims settlemens by minors, Retirement ages, Pre-existing child support grant

NEWS87 1209

Vital statistics, The injured widow, Application of the "CAP", Inheritance by children.

NEWS86 1206

Vital statistics; Child names; Alternative Robert Koch; "The clanking of medieval chains"; The right to damages of a common-law wife; Deduction of notional tax on lost earnings.

NEWS85 1203

Vital statistics: Outdated proof of earnings: Santam v Fourie revisited: One claim for all: Adoption by customary law: The value of lost sick leave: Claims once limited to R25000: Nil spread differential contingencies: Chiefs & indians - the corporate pyramid.

NEWS84 1112

Vital statistics; Discounting to date of death; Claims for maintenance from deceased estates; Corporate earnings surveys (WRONG WRONG WRONG).

NEWS83 1109

Vital statistics; Government salary increase for 2011;  Civil service pension increases;  Lost inheritance prospects;  The paper it is written on;  Formal and informal.

NEWS82 1106

Vital statistics; CAP corrigendum; Notional COID benefits; Life partner claim from deceased estate; Unlikely earnings; Job seeking skills; "Piece worker"; Joint minutes.

NEWS81 1103

Vital statistics;  Quantum Yearbook 2011 corrigenda;  Application of the CAP;  50% reduction of industrial psychologist fees;  Fraud charges against widows;  Reduced life expectancy;  Corporal punishment by a teacher;  Lump-sum maintenance from deceased estate

NEWS80 1012

The looming legislation; Domestic worker fringe benefits; Treatment of AIDS; Wrongful failure to terminate a birth.

NEWS79 1009

Inflation rates; Post office savings; RAF file references; Damages for pregnancy termination failure; The remarried widow; Damages for death of a bridegroom; "Likely" earnings; Percentage impairments; Adv John Mullins says:

NEWS78 1006

General damages for adultery; Differential living costs; Saved travel costs: Currency conversion; Saved living costs; Child support grant is deductible; Inheritance of the family home; Discounting to date of delict.

NEWS77 1003

eMail instructions; The engaged couple; Weather reports; Hypothetical support; Unfair awards.

NEWS76 0912

Future expenses deduction for general contingencies; Informal sector job creation; Use of a company vehicle; Family background substantially affects career prospects; SARS taxation of small retirement lump sums; General damages for young persons; New QOD citation.

NEWS75 0909

Financial statistics; Linear vs compound real salary increases; "Earning capacity"; Foster-care grants are res inter alios acta; Government pension fund retirement age.

NEWS74 0906

The new CPI; Unemployed house-husbands; The deceased child; Interest on general damages; Overtime; Income tax; Pity Mr Zuma's wives; Expert report time periods; Earnings from spaza shops.

NEWS73 0903

Newsletters by "snailmail"; The website; Dates for medico-legal reports; State old age pensions and disability grants; COID pension capitalisation; COID increases April 2008; Interest on general damages; General contingencies and long delays.

NEWS72 0812

Website address changed; Salary increases; Mora interest; Value of an inheritance.

NEWS71 0812

Inflation; Depreciation of taxis; Missing taxi assets; Two parts to the deceased one part to each child; E-mail to an industrial psychologist.

NEWS70 0608

Impairment ratings and general damages; R2 billion award for damages; State welfare incomes; Loss of support claims by children.

NEWS69 0308

State old age pensions; Economic theory and general damages; Indexation of awards for general damages; Damages for pure shock; Nil deduction for general contingencies.

NEWS68 1207

Assets of a widow; The "Van Drimmelin" principle; General contingency for residual earning capacity; Application for default judgment; Claim by estate for the "lost years"; Damages for the unplanned child.

NEWS67 0907

Financial statistics; Job gradings; Formal and informal sectors; Earnings at date of accident; Correction of obvious errors; Reduced life expectancy.


Copy of blog from De Broglio website: The payment of fees for litigation experts.

NEWS66 0607

The payment of fees for litigation experts.

NEWS65 0307

Partnership losses; State welfare benefits and the means test; General contingencies - some historical tidbits; Judicial inflation oops!

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