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Preparation of trial reports with full explanations for presentation in court or certificates of value as per your instruction.

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We prepare an annual publication of financial and statistical information relevant to the assessment of damages for personal injury or death.

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June 2020

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Death in a Toilet

“On 20 January 2014 S K (S), who was at the time just five years of age, suffered the most appalling and undignified death when he fell into a pit latrine at his school in Limpopo, and drowned in its sludge and filth.” Roman law subscribed to the rule that the body of a free man has no value. Had SK been a slave a Roman court would have awarded damages to his owner. The court first hearing this matter ruled that no damages could be awarded. On appeal it was held that the close family had suffered severe shock and psychological distress, injuries for which compensation is allowed in our law. Several awards for damages were ordered as well as the costs of future psychotherapy (R K and Others v Minister of Basic Education and Others (754/2018 and 1051/2018) [2019] ZASCA 192 (18 December 2019)). The reporting of judgments on the internet is a real boon.

Vital Statistics

CAP determination 31 January 2020:  R289 957
CPI year-on-year to March 2020:   4,1%
RSA long bond yield June 2020:   7,7%
Real rate of return (8,4 less 3,6):   3,6%
FNB Property Index December 2019 (real)  0,3%

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