NEWS14 0994

Long bond yields and future inflation; Stepchildren and the duty of support; Contributory negligence of a deceased breadwinner; Accelerated benefits and children.

NEWS13 0694

State disability grants; Travelling expenses; Reduced medication costs; Reciprocal duties of support.

NEWS12 0394

Deduction for taxation; Increased business expenses; General contingencies; General damages and future medical procedures; Instalment compensation and causation; Reduced life expectancy; Medical ethics; Houses for paraplegics.

NEWS11 1293

Farewell John Melville; Thesis project completed; Analysing maintenance problems; Instalment agreements are once-and-for-all; Cost of curator bonis; Apportionment of WCA benefits.

NEWS10 0993

Report back from clients; When we do work in the Transvaal; Spinal cord injuries; Instalment compensation is taxable;  Contingency of early or late death; Cost ofcurator bonis/trustee; Protection against price escalation; Capping of claims.

NEWS09 0693

>General damages for shock of death; Overdraft interest is not damages; General sales tax is not compensated; Assets of a wife; Apportionment of family income.

NEWS08 0493

Damages for loss of support for child adopted under black customary law; Whiplash injuries; General damages for shock of death; Expert reports; Wording of undertakings; Unemployment statistics; Leg amputation with no loss of earning capacity.

NEWS07 0292

The Quantum Yearbook 1993; Escalating support payments; The MMF is solvent; Whiplash injuries; General damages for shock of death; Apportionment of death claims.

NEWS06 1292

Value of a Wife's Services in the Home; Apportionment of the Services of a Wife and Mother; Escalating Support Payments; Life Insurance Premiums; Earning Capacity of  Breadwinner

NEWS05 1092

Business Premises; Assessments of General Damages; Courier Services; C&B; Speculative Claims; Discount for Early Death; Marriage Prospects and Injury Claims; Saved Living Expenses and Injury Claims; Travel Costs

NEWS04 0892

John Melville has Qualified; Verification of Data; Earning Capacity and Income Tax; Impecuniosity; Beware of Marriage Certificates; Reform we would like to see; State Grants

NEW03 0692

The Advocates' Devil; Consumer Price Index; Extra Mortality for Amputees; Consuming Interest and Capital; Curator Bonis; Net Capitalization Rates; Interest on Damages

NEWS02 0492

The Quantum Yearbook; Workmen's Compensation; The Advocates' Devil; Koch "Damages for Lost Income"; Travelling Costs; Trial Management; Recusal of a Judge?; Deduction for Remarriage; Value of a Right to Support; Value of the Chance

NEWS01 0292

This Newsletter; Who are we?; Workmen's Compensation; Medical Inflation; General Damages and Medical Expenses; General contingencies; Support from Deceased Estate.

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