NEWS39 1200

Inheritances by children deducted from lost support; Birth rates; Relative cost of living; More life tables; Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993 (COID Act).

NEWS38 0900

Curator bonis and costs of security; General damages - relief from the need to work; Partial disability.

NEWS37 0600

Financial statistics; Loss of support & illegitimate children; Assessment of Damages Act 9 of 1969; State welfare child grants; Contractual support as a basic for damages.

NEWS36 0300

Earnings questionnaires - pity the employer; Quantum Yearbook 2000 errata; Capital gains tax; Net capitalisation rates; Remarriage rates for men; "Capitalised and recapitalised".

NEWS35 1299

The English scene; The Irish scene; Quadriplegia - general damages; Drivers for the blind; Divorced women; Child maintenance; Islamic widows; Curator boniscosts of security; Raised shoes.

NEWS34 0999

Financial statistics; Interest and inflation: Quo vadis?; Family life in South Africa; Excessive attorney fees; Claims arising from the death of a single mother; Indigency of parents; Average payout by RAF.

NEWS33 0699

Effect of award on compensation; RAF website; Department of Statistics website; Damages for divorcees; The remarriage deduction; Dependency of children.

NEWS32 0399

Financial statistics; Cost of living international comparisons; The remarried widow; The Corbett & Buchanan/Honey case reports; Sick leave entitlement in the civil service; Epilepsy; Actuarial calculations by the RAF.

NEWS31 1298

Overtime earnings; Potentially polygamous marriages; The Assessment of Damages Act 9 of 1969; Wrongful arrest and detention.

NEWS30 0998

Financial statistics; Expert reports - Wouldn't it be so nice..; Reform of the Road Accident Fund; Remarriage deductions and claims for loss of support; Costs ofcurator bonis for loss of support awards; Maintenance payments by a surviving parent.

NEWS28 0398

Maintaining cover under new legislation for MVA claims; Curator bonis and expenses; Investment of compensation money; Interest on unliquidated damages; Potential earnings v Likely earnings.

NEWS27 1297

Interest on damages; Retrospective interest; Medico-legal reports; Past loss of earnings; Remarriage rates for black widows.

NEWS26 0997

Prescribed interest on past losses; Damages for an unplanned child; The unemployed victim; More than one widow; Fees for professional witnesses.

NEWS25 0697

Graffiti; Prescribed Rate of Interest Amendment Act: Interest calculations; Collateral benefits; COID (WCA) awards; Evidence; AIDS; Probabilities and possibilities; State grants and pensions: the means test.

NEWS24 0397

The Quantum Yearbook 1997; Internet; Putting it all in one word; The "life expectancy" of hip replacements; The "discretionary" benefits; The extended family: claims for loss of support.

NEWS23 1296

Apportionment of undertakings correction; Accelerated benefits deducted from death claims; Working wives and death claims; Whiplash statistics; Earnings of domestic servants.

NEWS22 0996

Board appointment; Cheques and bank accounts; Late payments; Notification of settlements; Knee replacements; Measuring the degree of whiplash; Apportionment of undertakings; Accelerated benefits.

NEWS21 0696

The Road Accident White Paper; No-fault insurance; Formula basis; Rehabilitation centres; Reducing costs; Civil service pension fund; RJ Koch 25% discounts.

NEWS20 0396

Quantum Yearbook publishers; Qualifying fees; Changes to civil service pension benefits; The "self-supporting dependant"; Hawker earnings; A solution to unemployment?; Proposed MVA legislation.

NEWS19 1295

Interim payments; General damages for unconscious victims; Tenders (payments into Court); Erring actuaries?; Black estates.

NEWS18 0995

The new contingency deduction; WCA deductions and apportionment; Public sector salary scales; Interest on damages.

NEWS17 0695

Compensation for wrongful dismissal; General damages for shock; State disability benefits and accident compensation; Use of the family home; Savings from the deceased's income.

NEWS16 0395

WCA benefits and the apportionment of damages; Employment of school leavers; Actuarial obscurantism; Apportionment of death claims; Accelerated benefits for children.

NEWS15 1294

Maintenance claimed from breadwinner's estate; Risk of divorce; 3rd party claims "Drastic measures proposed".

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