NEWS64 1206

Loss of life cover; Damages awards and income tax; Blended earnings scenarios; Attorneys operating as "Inc"; Loss of earnings by a widow.

NEWS63 0906

The RAF Act amendment Act; The attorneys' Fidelity Fund and expert witness fees; Indivisible household expenses; Travelling expenses; International relative cost of living; Compensation for income not declared to SARS (see case name correction in March 2007 newsletter).

NEWS62 0606

Financial statistics; International relative cost of living; Overlapping rights of action; Abolishment of the common-law right of action for damages; Mozambique wheelchairs.

NEWS61 0306

The new legislation: retrospectivity, common-law right, limited liability, passenger claims, general damages, medical costs tariff, legal costs; Defrocked attorneys and expert witness fees; The Fidelity Fund; Expected duration of hip replacements.

NEWS60 1205

Quantum Yearbook 2006; Black Laws Amendment Act and working wives; Common-law wives (the "houvrou"); COID compensation is not so inadequate (but it is different); Use of leg prostheses; the Mozambique limbless.

NEWS59 0905; "Formal sector" defined; "informal sector" defined; Jurisdiction for actuaries (and other expert witnesses).

NEWS58 0508

E-mail newsletters; The financial scene; Saved living expenses; Working overseas; Cost-of-living international comparisons; Fiscal drag; COID claims - a new harvest for MVA lawyers?; ex RAF semper aliquid nova.

NEWS57 0305

Financial statistics; House prices; The website; Mannie Jantjies; Increased petrol levy; Mortality of lower income whites; Deferred payment of my fees; Payments by provident funds; same-sex marriages.

NEWS56 1204

Quantum Yearbook 2005; State disability grants; Fraud at the RAF; Value of a chance; Increased awards for general damages; Interest and the "in duplum" rule.

NEWS55 0904

E-mail newsletters; Maintenance orders; COID "claw backs"; COID and limited claims; COID and apportionment of damages; COID and "like from like"; COID administrative delays; Touting: good or evil?; Instalment settlements; Insolvent estates.

NEWS54 0604

E-mail newsletters; Marital property regimes; Equal opportunity in the new South Africa; Same sex "marriages"; Retirement after age 65; The truth (philosophically speaking).

NEWS53 0304

Financial statistics; Informal sector opinions; Dependency to age 21; State disability grants and apportionment of damages; Reducing overtime; Unemployed husbands; Stepchildren and customary law.

NEWS52 1203

Prescribed Rate of Interest Amendment Act 7 of 1997; Loss of inheritance prospects; Damages that are difficult to quantify; The problem of non-cohabitant parents.

NEWS51 0903

Apportionment of undertakings (correction); Salary surveys and other tidbits; Sick leave; Capitalised and "recapitalised"; The wealthy wife; Law reform needed (s31(5) of the The Black laws Amendment Act 76 of 1963).

NEWS50 0603

(numbering error noted) Procedural delays; RAF "actuarial" calculations; Apportionment of undertakings (see correction in September 2003 newsletter); Deferred payment of actuarial fees; HIV/AIDS and life expectancy; "Normal contingencies".

NEWS49 0603

Procedural delays; RAF "actuarial" calculations; Apportionment of undertakings (see correction in September 2003 newsletter); Deferred payment of actuarial fees; HIV/AIDS and life expectancy; "Normal contingencies".

NEWS48 0303

Reform of road accident compensation; Instalment compensation; Single parents.

NEWS47 1202

Xmas presents for amputees; Above-knee prostheses; Xmas presents for widows: "loss" of notional widow's pension; Xmas presents for widow: "loss" of share of deceased's notional pension; Saved living expenses; More children, more money!

NEWS46 0902

The State disability grant; Inflation: "headline" or "CPI(X)"?; 25% discount on actuarial fees; Cohabitation as a ground for claiming loss of support; Black and white statistics.

NEWS44 0302

2,5% per year net capitalisation rate; The indigent parent; Compensation to be paid directly to claimants; Intestate succession; "Common-law" wives and notional children; Statutory limits to overtime; The unemployed husband; Age for dependency for children.

NEWS43 1201

Earnings in the informal sector; Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); Whiplash injuries.

NEWS42 0901

Consumer price index; Apportionment of costs of curator bonis; Volume 5 of Corbett & Honey; General damages for death of wife and child; Insufficient evidence for past loss of earnings; Normal retirement age; Parental indigence.

NEWS41 0601

Financial statistics; Clothing advisor; Retirement at age 55; Gains offset against losses; The patrimonial value of a right of support; Residual earning capacity.

NEWS40 0301

AIDS mortality.

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